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Timber Run Estates
A subsidiary of Griffith Lumber Co. has a 100-acre, 18-lot development called Timber Run Estates located three mile east of Woolwine, Virginia off State Route 40 and one mile south on State Road 708. Situated in the beautiful foohills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, six miles off the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway, it has 18 two-acre to 10-acre wooded lots but many have been sold. It offers beautiful mountain views, hiking trails and access to a stocked trout stream, Rock Castle Creek. A county-owned Recreation Park with tennis courts, basketball, horseshoes, and a softball and soccer field is within walking distance. Deer, turkey and other wildlife are abundant. This is the place you have been waiting to buy.

This is the perfect place for a log cabin in the mountains with a stream and a view. These lots are restricted to minimum 1100sq.ft. homes for single story and 1500sq.ft. for two story. There is a Property Owners Association to insure that your property and privacy rights are maintained on these spacious lots that range in price from $1200 to $2500 per acre. A real bargain and the place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in the serenity of the Blue Ridge Mountains. If you want a mini-farm for your garden or animals, there is enough room. Possible owner financing and home building available.
Griffith Land and Timber also purchases timberland and standing timber. If you are considering selling your timber or timberland, we pay the highest prices.

Hunting Land Leased
The company offers a service to hunters who do not have a good place to hunt where they can get the trophy game and still feel safe. Areas of from 40 acres to 500 acres are available. If interested, please contact us.

We Are Environmentally Active!
Griffith Lumber is very concerned about the environment. We advocate proper timber and land management and best management practices in the logging operations to protect our water quality. We subscribe to maintaining a sustainable forest system by using our resources wisely and not depleting them for future generations.

Of the normal building products--cement, steel, wood, and other materials--wood is the only renewable resource. Trees grow back, the other materials do not. Wood is the only renewable resource. The forest industry has improved the management of our country's timberlands and we now have 40% more trees today than we had in 1940. We have 70% of the forestlands available that we had when Columbus discovered America. The lost 30% of forestlands has been from urbanization, not timbering. Preservation is not a good method of managing our forests because a typical tree dies after 80 to 150 years. This leaves a diseased tree that is decaying, taking oxygen out of the air and providing fuel for forest fires that are destructive and dangerous. But remember, we are not running out of trees, they grow back. We are growing about six for every one that is cut for timber. Call us to discuss the environment or the sale or purchase of timber or timberland.

Land & Timber - Bruce Griffith or Phone: 276-692-5310; Fax: 276-930-2747

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