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Griffith Lumber produces the finest Appalachian hardwood stacking sticks for use in drying hardwood lumber. We can provide straight, fluted or grooved sticks.


How To Choose The Right Size Stick:

Typical stick lengths are 4, 6, 7, and 8 feet lengths, with variations in thickness and width based on customer specifications. If the customer wants the stick long enough to fit into the channel iron stick guides to insure proper stick alignment, then the sticks may need to be two inches longer than the pack width. Keep in mind the sticks ends will protrude and the lift operator may damage the ends of the sticks by bumping them when handling the pack. The design of stackers varies with practically every operation so the length may vary a few inches for each customer.


If you desire high air-flow between the lumber layers, a thicker stick may be needed. If more kiln capacity is the issue and air-flow is not as critical, usually a 7/8" or 3/4" X 1 1/4" is selected. The customer should keep in mind that if he is receiving a green or non-dry stick, shrinkage will occur upon drying and if a particular thickness after drying the stick is desired, then a slightly heavier thickness should be ordered to allow for shrinkage which may be as much as 8%. To improve drying quality and lumber uniformity after drying, always use uniform thickness sticks and cross-pieces.


Customers who have used our uniform sticks and cross-pieces say they have improved yield by 12% in some applications which require extremely straight lumber.


Contact Larry Cockram in office at 276-930-2727 or cell 276-692-5309; Fax: 276-930-2747 today and see how we can help you! We can arrange shipping across the United States or the customer can arrange trucking.

Our quality is guaranteed.

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